Fig and Fox

Though it technically can't be called Scotch, Copper Fox Rye Whiskey is made with a generous amount of smoked malt, giving it a smoky flavor similar to Scotch, but with the spice of a great rye whiskey. 

Copper Fox Rye Whiskey is one of the many amazing brands joining us for Best of the Barrel. Hailing from Virginia, the folks at Copper Fox Distillery spent a lot of time in Scotland studying the art and science behind making Scotch. The brought this knowledge to their distillery and now make and distribute their products around the country.

For this cocktail, we wanted to play off of the smoky flavor of the Copper Fox Rye and round it out with rich flavors from the fig jam, port wine and black walnut bitters. But it's the acidity of the lemon juice that really sets this one of. Without it, it would be just sweet and smoky. With it, it's a perfectly-balanced (if we do say so ourselves) cocktail.


cocktail shaker
cocktail strainer
fine mesh strainer
cocktail glass


1.5 oz Copper Fox Rye Whiskey
2 tsp fig jam
.5 oz lemon
.5 oz port wine
2 dash black walnut bitters
strip of lemon zest for garnish


Combine the booze, lemon juice, fig jam, port wine and bitters in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it vigorously to chill and incorporate the flavors of the jam. Double strain to remove particles into your chilled glass. Express the oils from the lemon peel into the cocktail and place on the edge of the glass to garnish.