Late 1800's

We love bourbon! Correction...we love good bourbon. Lucky for us, this stuff is REALLY GOOD bourbon! 

Old Forester 1897 is a small batch bourbon, bottled in bond, and is made using many of the production techniques used in 1897. What does it mean for a bourbon to be bottled in bond, you ask? The Bottled-in-Bond Act was passed in 1897 to assure consumers that the bourbon they were drinking was made by one distiller, in one distillery, in one season. The bourbon must also be aged at least 4 years in a federally bonded warehouse and be bottled at 100 proof. Old Forester 1897 was created to celebrate the strict bourbon traditions that have begun to slip away in recent years. Now that we have a little more knowledge of the history of bourbon, lets make some drinks with it!  

The fruit and spice notes found in the bourbon, along with the oaky layers of caramel and vanilla imparted by barrel aging don't need much; it tastes great neat in a glass by itself! Since we're making cocktails here though, we add just a little bit of honey syrup to complement the natural sweetness of the bourbon, and the rich herbaceousness of the amaro will open up all of the earthy, smoky qualities created in the barrel.


cocktail mixing glass
bar spoon
cocktail strainer
cocktail glass


2 oz Old Forester 1897 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
.25 oz honey syrup (equal parts honey and water)
.5 oz Zucca amaro


Stir ingredients with ice to chill and strain into a chilled glass.