Maple Leaf

Although we love our neighbors to the north, we have always presumed ourselves to be better makers of whiskey down here in Tennessee and Kentucky. Traditionally, Canada has produced sweet, mellow, easy-drinking whiskey (which they spell whisky-weird, eh?) that often comes in a purple velvet bag and lacks very many distinctive characteristics.  

Historically, Canadian whisky was made primarily from corn, with a small amount of rye added to impart a more traditional whisky flavor. This whisky was then blended over and over in order to be consistently light in both color and flavor. The fine folks at Forty Creek have made great strides to change our minds about whisky-from-the-north, and it seems to be working. They distill rye, barley, and corn separately to highlight the characteristics that each grain brings to the party, and then blend them all for aging in oak barrels. This process add fruitiness, spiciness, and a distinct nutty quality unique to their product. While their whisky is great straight, it is perfect in this take on the traditional whisky sour.


cocktail shaker
cocktail strainer
fine mesh strainer
coupe or cocktail glass


1.5 oz Forty Creek Canadian Whisky
.75 oz lemon juice
.5 oz maple syrup
2 bar spoons orange marmalade
1 egg white


Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker and shake, without ice. Keep shaking. Don't stop. Okay, now you can add ice. Then cover the shaker and shake it again - hard. Double strain (using both your cocktail strainer and mesh strainer) to remove the bits of marmalade into your glass.