Vermouth of the South

It doesn't get much more classic than gin. It also doesn't get much more distinct or polarizing, at least in the world of booze. What started out as medicine a very long time ago has evolved into a most flavorful British spirit. Now we know that not everyone loves gin, or at least thinks they don't love it, so we are always on the lookout for fun new drinks to make with the stuff! The point isn't to mask the taste of the gin, but rather to complement its unique flavors with other components, while softening those specific tastes to make them more approachable. 

Some of the most popular gins worldwide are those that we all know: Tanqueray, Bombay, Beefeater, etc are all traditional London Dry Gins that fall into that specific flavor profile we're all familiar with. A relatively new player in the gin game is Hendrick's, which hails from Scotland. While Hendrick's uses the traditional juniper berry/botanical blend we all know and (maybe) love, they also infuse their products with the pleasing flavors of cucumber and rose. These additions add a subtle finish to the spirit, without overpowering its traditional gin roots. We wanted to make a cocktail that appreciates the unique flavors in Hendrick's, honors the gin spirit, and still be something that we think most people would enjoy drinking. We used nothing but the most old-school ingredients, so we hope you enjoy. 


Cocktail mixing glass
Bar spoon
Cocktail strainer


1.5 oz Hendrick's Gin
.75 oz vermouth rouge (or sweet vermouth)
.5 oz vermouth blanc (or dry vermouth)
1 oz red grapefruit juice


Combine all ingredients in mixing glass with ice. Stir and strain into stemmed cocktail glass.