As much as we love mezcal, it isn't necessarily the best spirit for mixing. It has a very strong, distinct smoky flavor, much like that of a scotch. That's probably why a mezcal is most often enjoyed neat or on the rocks with little more that a piece of lime. We here at 3st strive to bring you the best in cocktails, so we did a little experimenting with the stuff and came up with something that really highlights the flavors of mezcal, but also softens it with complements. Now we know you might be thinking "bell peppers in a cocktail?" And that is certainly a fair question. The campfire flavors of the mezcal don't lend themselves to sweetness very well, so we went the savory route. We used ginger and citrus to round out the drink. This drink ended up being quite popular at our recent Tikitober event, so we hope you'll try it out and enjoy it too!


Cocktail shaker
Crushed ice


1.5 oz Los Amantes Mezcal Reposado
1 oz ginger simple syrup
2-3 1 inch slices green bell pepper
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
.5 oz fresh lime juice


Muddle bell pepper and ginger syrup in cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes (not crushed) and remaining ingredients. Shake and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with a new piece of bell pepper.

Smoky Negroni

One of the reasons we love the Negroni is the sheer versatility of the cocktail. Simply by swapping out London Dry Gin for a New American Gin or Genever, you have a different cocktail. 

But this version takes it even further. 

We've thrown 'tradition' out the window by scrapping gin altogether in favor of Mezcal. Though some might say Mezcal is an acquired taste, it didn't take us very long to love it. It's a cousin of tequila with a smoky taste almost reminiscent of Scotch. Appearing more and more in many cocktails, its bold flavor makes it a natural for the bitterness of a Negroni.

But we didn't stop at Mezcal. We've also swapped out a bit of the Campari with Ancho Reyes. Made in small batches and infused with dried ancho chilis, Ancho Reyes is one of those things you should probably own, as even just a little can do magic to most any cocktail.



cocktail mixing glass
bar spoon 


1.5 oz Vida Mezcal from Del Maguey
1.5 oz sweet vermouth
1 oz Campari
.5 oz Ancho Reyes
orange twist for garnish


Combine all spirits in a cocktail mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir to chill and strain into a chilled rocks glass with fresh ice. Add twist of orange to garnish.