Bloody Brain Shot

Talk about some Halloween goodness right here! This scary-looking shot is achieved through the magic of curdling. Yup, curdling. 

With a little acidity in the Pickers Vodka base, the cream of the Blue Chair Bay Banana Cream Rum creates the look of a brain sitting at the bottom of the shot glass. But, despite the look, it's actually pretty darn tasty!

The trick to the look is using a straw to slowly drop the rum into the glass. When done, a few drops of grenadine add the remaining 'gross factor' perfect for any spooky occasion. 


cocktail shaker
shot glass


1 oz Pickers Vodka
.5 oz Barsmith Lime Juice (or Rose's Lime)
.5 oz Blue Chair Bay Banana Cream Rum
a few drops of grenadine


Combine the vodka and lime with ice and shake briefly to chill. Strain into shot glass. Using a straw, drop the banana cream rum into the glass to create a 'brain' in the glass. Add a few drops of grenadine and serve.