Black Night

If ever there were proof that you can have fun with your cocktails and still make them themed, this one is it! 

Made with Virgil Kaine Ginger-Infused Bourbon, we've darkened things up with muddled fresh blackberries, a little black currant liqueur and a touch of sweet vermouth. The spice of the ginger pairs perfectly with the fruit flavors - and it's all rounded out with the addition of sweet vermouth. Seriously, if you don't believe us, try it without the vermouth and you'll see what a difference one ingredient can make!

But the real key to this cocktail is double-straining. Nobody wants a bunch of damn seeds in their cocktails, so do it right and strain this cocktail. 


cocktail shaker
fine mesh strainer
cocktail or coupe glass


5 fresh blackberries (plus more for garnish)
2 oz Virgil Kaine Ginger Infused Bourbon
.5 oz Creme de Cassis liqueur (or dark blackberry liqueur)
.5 oz sweet vermouth


Muddle blackberries in your cocktail shaker before adding remaining ingredients and filling with ice. Shake vigorously and double-strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a couple blackberries and serve.


This simple cocktail manages to surprise by being utterly refreshing and delicious despite its seeming simplicity.

This is thanks to the depth of flavor added by Virgil Kaine Ginger Bourbon from Charleston, South Carolina. The folks at Virgil Kane macerate young Yellow Hawaiian ginger with their bourbon that they source from their local Spade & Clover Gardens. Their distillation process also distinguishes itself by using a unchilled filtration process because the more common chilled filtration process actually removes some of the flavor - who knew! Anyways, the point is that this stuff has a great strong flavor that's able to carry itself when enjoyed in a simple cocktail like this and also in more elaborate creations. 

Virgil Kaine is soon to be distributed in Nashville, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it at the liquor store!


bar spoon


2 oz Virgil Kaine Ginger Bourbon
4 oz lemonade (homemade is best)


Pour your bourbon and lemonade in a glass with ice. Stir and serve. Think you can handle that?