Turbinado Simple Syrup

Simple syrup has that name for a reason. It's crazy easy to make, typically a ratio of 1 part sugar to 1 part water. You may see the term "rich" simple syrup, which can be either a 2:1 or 3:1 sugar to water ratio. But regardless of the ratio, most simple syrups are just made with plain white sugar and water, so besides adding sweetness, there's not much else they do for a cocktail. 

That's where this recipe comes in. Turbinado sugar is made from the initial pressing of the sugar cane. Unlike white, processed sugar, it still has impurities (FLAVOR!) left behind. Don't confuse it with brown sugar, which is just white sugar that gets some molasses added to it. Turbinado or demerara sugar have significantly more flavor and are excellent additions to cocktail recipes, adding a touch of complexity in addition to the sweetness.



1 cup turbinado sugar

1 cup water (use filtered or bottled water to avoid adding other flavor)


Put them in a pot, bring it to a boil and let it cool. It will keep for a couple weeks in the fridge.


Cocktail Recipes using Turbinado Simple Syrup: